I truly believe, that the time has come to start sharing our collective wisdom about serendipity, to gather the attractive and inspiring thoughts into one central place. I  hope that the re-opening of this blog with a new and more advanced design will serve the global serendipity driven community by offering  a tailored platform. Here we are able to share, comment and reflect our ideas and thoughts around this fascinating phenomena called serendipity.

In this forum you are able – not only to read and comment my blogs – but also find interesting serendipity related links, find related events, inspiring presentations, recommended reading etc.  We may also add  some respected guest bloggers, so if you are interested in contributing, please contact us.

This forum is “in permanent Beta phase” – this great quote is from Reid Hoffman’s co-authored  book  “ The Start Up of You”-  so please give feedback and suggestions for the further development of this site. You can also give your  feedback and be updated by following Twitter #respectserendipity.