Ilkka Kakko (@Serendipitor) will have a presentation: “Respect Serendipity”  – at the Opening Event of a Seminar Series: “FUTURE OF LEARNING AND WORK AT AALTO”

The seminar is open for students, faculty and staff of Aalto University. It is part of the ongoing development of Aalto University’s learning and working environments and feeds to the design process for the new building of the school of arts design and architecture.

The other presenters in an opening seminar are Prof. Pekka Himanen, Prof. Kirsti Lonka and  Dr. Udo Ernst Haner from Fraunhofer Insitute.

Ilkka feels that this is a great opportunity to share his experiences and thoughts about serendipity with an exciting and inspiring audience. Hopefully this will also help taking serendipity to the Aalto University’s agenda for future research topics.