Lifelong dilemma ?

To live a happy life, to be good in your work and to meet new, interesting people, that’s a great goal for everyone. One way of achieving that is the ability to create an atmosphere, which is  fruitful for serendipity. That challenge of creating those conditions can be studied on three levels; on personal, community

Harnessing serendipity

I have to admit that I have been a bit confused in recent times recognizing that “serendipity” is becoming a “buzzword”. The more it’s used, the more widely it’s misunderstood and falsely interpreted. And that’s sad, because serendipity genuinely is one of the most fascinating and mysterious phenomenas in this world. First time ever I

What a serendipitous world

I start to write here every now and then some thoughts about serendipity and the great impacts it has to all of our lives. Does anybody know where to get the original story “Three Princes of Serendip” – the fascinating fable, where these princes made serendipitious discoveries while searching the secret formula of liquid which should

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