“Serendipity Management”- master class was a success in Russia

Last week I had a “Serendipity Management” master class in Novosibirsk, Russia. It was organized in the context of technopark development event. The feedback from the audience was great, here is one of the key organizers of the whole event giving his testimonial: “Just attended Serendipity Management Workshop delivered by Ilkka Kakko at our innovations

A trace of a hawk attacking a mouse on the icy lake, a mouse made a wrong mistake (lethal one) by entering an open area

Antifragile lifestyle – the art of making the right mistakes

I have recently been inspired by reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book ” Antifragility – Things That Gain from Disorder”. Taleb is a well known philosopher, and to my understanding he is greatly respected among people who really are interested about our future and are living on the edge. And as all great thinkers throughout the

“Harnessing serendipity” event in Helsinki on 18th of June, Sebastian Olma & Ilkka Kakko

Kontoret, Karostech and Serendipity Lab will organize the first ever “Harnessing Serendipity” workshop in Finland. Join us on 18th of June and find out how to successfully harness serendipity on individual and institutional levels! Introduction: Serendipity has recently been recognized as key source of organizational vitality. Successful global players like Google and LinkedIn are introducing

Are we reducing the magic of serendipity to the logic of coincidence ?

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A highly essential question to be asked. I have contemplated this dilemma myself for a long time and it surfaced again when I read a fascinating SerenA guest blog . The story presented there by Ron Berti is inspiring and resonates well with my experiences. The core message of that story is to illustrate the

Great events on March in Dundee, organized by “SerenA” – project

There will be a series of inspiring events in Dundee next week. On Monday, 25th March, ‘The Serendipitous Maypole’ will look at how unexpected connections can strengthen the health, creativity and innovation of a local community, which may in turn enhance the natural, social and learning environments. A ‘Serendipity Symposium’ the next day will bring together artists, designers and other

How to Attract the Right People to Your Life – Forbes interview with John Hagel

  South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, gathered again 30.000 attendees and generated a variety of discussions. It was reported earlier last week already in a blog post in WSJ  – interestingly enough- that “serendipity” was the buzzword in this years SXSW. And in fact SXSW is having a reputation to be the event for unexpected

Serendipity: Connected Openness as Business Model – An Interview with Sebastian Olma

There are not too many illustrative and inspiring books in the market about serendipity, so I was delighted, when I heard about Sebastian Olma’s book initiative few months ago. His book “The Serendipity Machine” was published recently and received a warm response in the market. I had the opportunity to interview Sebastian this week and

Serendipity presentation in Saint Petersburg on 15th of March

Welcome to an interesting morning workshop at Zona Space in Saint Petersburg on Friday 15th of March.  “OpenINNO” ENPI- project and Zona Space will sponsor an event where the hot topics of innovation frontier are presented. Co-working, serendipity and open innovation are introduced and discussed. This event is free of charge. Friday 15th of March

”Coincidensity”, a great new term coined by Stowe Boyd

I happened to read Stowe’s blog about Googles new Googleplex, an interesting illustration of their upcoming working environment, where “Google studied, and tried to quantify, everything about how its employees work, about what kind of spaces they wanted, about how much it mattered for certain groups to be near certain other groups, and so forth”. The

Serendipitor to speak at the Luova Areena event at c/o Malski in Finland on 5th of March

Ilkka Kakko will keep a keynote speech at Luova Areena (Creative Arena) in c/o Malski in Lahti on 5th of March. His topic is ”Erilaisten ihmisten satunnaiset kohtaamiset –hyödynnä serendipiteetin mahdollisuudet”  – ”How to productively facilitate and exploit the serendipitous encounters between people with diverse backgrounds”. The two other keynotes are ”Community building with the

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