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One could describe me as an Explorer of my personal life, since I have been there – seen that, so many fascinating topics and projects over the past decades. I am the founder or co-founder of seven different companies since 1984 .- one could use the term “serial entrepreneur”, but I personally don’t like to

New book finally published

I am happy to announce that my book is finally published. It will be down loadable here. I will have also some hard copies for those really interested in the content, please e.mail me: in order to get one. Abstract, Ilkka Kakko:”Oasis Way and the Postnormal Era: How Understanding Serendipity Will Lead You to

Metropolitan buzz vs. solitude – a balancing act for harnessing serendipity

While the first real Autumn storm is wiping through the landscape here in Eastern Finland, bending the pines in our backyard to their limits and generating waves big like sheep on the lake, it’s great to discover from Facebook postings – thanks to Lauri Gröhn – an article about the impact of landscape in our

“Respect Serendipity” presentation in Aalto University on 4th of March

Ilkka Kakko (@Serendipitor) will have a presentation: “Respect Serendipity”  – at the Opening Event of a Seminar Series: “FUTURE OF LEARNING AND WORK AT AALTO” The seminar is open for students, faculty and staff of Aalto University. It is part of the ongoing development of Aalto University’s learning and working environments and feeds to the

Insight – the core element of serendipity

Insight is the key element of serendipity. Following serendipity’s original definition serendipity is something unexpected or odd – event, results, encounter or situation/context – that triggers insight. And this insight will eventually lead to value creation for the individual, community or company. In the global business world great insights are rare, and therefore so valuable,

Two serendipity lessons coming up, Las Palmas and Saint Petersburg

Ilkka Kakko will have a presentation “How to build an ecosystem to enhance serendipity” on  6th of February at the Gran Canaria Technology Center, Las Palmas. It will be the highlight of the week following three days of negotiations with local stakeholders. Ilkka will also have a presentation “Serendipity Management – the lessons learnt” on 13th

Harnessing serendipity is about more than facilitating the unexpected

Please find here my guest blog in Workspace Insight publication.  It’s explaining the wider context in workspace design and management issues and introduces new ways to harness serendipity in institutional settings. This is more like an introduction to the topic, it will be followed by a three part series about areas mentioned in the article.

Anabel Quan-Haase-Serendipity Models:How We Encounter Information and People in Digital Environments

In this YouTube presentation Anabel Quan – Haase explains some of the results of serendipity research. Watch the clip here  A great overview of the current status of serendipity research. Yet, it surprising how little serious research in this field has been conducted.

Gary Klein: “Seeing What Others Don’t – The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights”

It was a real pleasure and positive experience to read Gary Klein’s new book. I have to admit that I am not familiar with his previous books, although they have been in the field of decision making. As a seasoned expert and acknowledged scientist Gary has contributed in many levels and this latest one made

Serendipity Management Master Class in Saint Petersburg on 24th of October

Ilkka Kakko will hold a state-of the art  ”Serendipity Management” Master Class on Thursday 24th of October in Saint Petersburg.  The event is sponsored by ENPI project ”OpenINNO” and Karostech Ltd and is free of charge. Registration is needed by e.mail to – the registration ends on 22nd of October, and be quick, there are

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