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Metropolitan buzz vs. solitude – a balancing act for harnessing serendipity

While the first real Autumn storm is wiping through the landscape here in Eastern Finland, bending the pines in our backyard to their limits and generating waves big like sheep on the lake, it’s great to discover from Facebook postings – thanks to Lauri Gröhn – an article about the impact of landscape in our

Manufactured Serendipity: Facilitating Accidental Innovation through a Web Application Julián Limón Núñez | Anthony Lincoln | David Rolnitzky Advised by Prof. Coye Cheshire May 5, 2011 | UC Berkeley School of Information

This is an academic paper (about 45 pages). Illustrates well enough the challenges we face,  when trying to “manufacture serendipity” in large organizations. Very good real-life comments from interviews, good diversity of interviewed business areas. Technical guidelines shown – of course the serendipity engine is highly confidential – maybe useful for those interested in application

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