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About Serendipitor

One could describe me as an Explorer of my personal life, since I have been there – seen that, so many fascinating topics and projects over the past decades. I am the founder or co-founder of seven different companies since 1984 .- one could use the term “serial entrepreneur”, but I personally don’t like to

Metropolitan buzz vs. solitude – a balancing act for harnessing serendipity

While the first real Autumn storm is wiping through the landscape here in Eastern Finland, bending the pines in our backyard to their limits and generating waves big like sheep on the lake, it’s great to discover from Facebook postings – thanks to Lauri Gröhn – an article about the impact of landscape in our

“Respect Serendipity” presentation in Aalto University on 4th of March

Ilkka Kakko (@Serendipitor) will have a presentation: “Respect Serendipity”  – at the Opening Event of a Seminar Series: “FUTURE OF LEARNING AND WORK AT AALTO” The seminar is open for students, faculty and staff of Aalto University. It is part of the ongoing development of Aalto University’s learning and working environments and feeds to the

Serendipity: Connected Openness as Business Model – An Interview with Sebastian Olma

There are not too many illustrative and inspiring books in the market about serendipity, so I was delighted, when I heard about Sebastian Olma’s book initiative few months ago. His book “The Serendipity Machine” was published recently and received a warm response in the market. I had the opportunity to interview Sebastian this week and

Upcoming serendipity events

Here you are able to check where serendipity related events will be held. Please, if you know any, inform me either by using Twitter #respectserendipity, or give feedback here. Serendipitor/Ilkka Kakko is having a comprehensive one day training on 30th of August in collaboration with Sovelto, one of the leading training houses in Finland, the

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