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How to elevate your platform thinking – the role of competence platforms and Devil’s Advocates in harnessing serendipity

Platform thinking is gaining momentum and for a good reason. It has disrupted many industries already and it will re-shape our business ecosystem thinking in an ever increasing speed. The consequences of this evolution process will be huge and therefore it’s fundamental for us as individuals and a society to adapt to these changes, the

Metropolitan buzz vs. solitude – a balancing act for harnessing serendipity

While the first real Autumn storm is wiping through the landscape here in Eastern Finland, bending the pines in our backyard to their limits and generating waves big like sheep on the lake, it’s great to discover from Facebook postings – thanks to Lauri Gröhn – an article about the impact of landscape in our

Insight – the core element of serendipity

Insight is the key element of serendipity. Following serendipity’s original definition serendipity is something unexpected or odd – event, results, encounter or situation/context – that triggers insight. And this insight will eventually lead to value creation for the individual, community or company. In the global business world great insights are rare, and therefore so valuable,

Gary Klein: “Seeing What Others Don’t – The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights”

It was a real pleasure and positive experience to read Gary Klein’s new book. I have to admit that I am not familiar with his previous books, although they have been in the field of decision making. As a seasoned expert and acknowledged scientist Gary has contributed in many levels and this latest one made

How to avoid being “trapped” from serendipity during your journey

Recently I have followed a lot of  serendipity related discussions, for instance here,  and understand that a couple of issues should be highlighted – first the personal character of serendipity experience and secondly the characteristics of  the traps, which will prevent us to notice – not even to talk about taking action – when serendipitous

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