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Metropolitan buzz vs. solitude – a balancing act for harnessing serendipity

While the first real Autumn storm is wiping through the landscape here in Eastern Finland, bending the pines in our backyard to their limits and generating waves big like sheep on the lake, it’s great to discover from Facebook postings – thanks to Lauri Gröhn – an article about the impact of landscape in our

Harnessing serendipity is about more than facilitating the unexpected

Please find here my guest blog in Workspace Insight publication.  It’s explaining the wider context in workspace design and management issues and introduces new ways to harness serendipity in institutional settings. This is more like an introduction to the topic, it will be followed by a three part series about areas mentioned in the article.

“Harnessing serendipity” event in Helsinki on 18th of June, Sebastian Olma & Ilkka Kakko

Kontoret, Karostech and Serendipity Lab will organize the first ever “Harnessing Serendipity” workshop in Finland. Join us on 18th of June and find out how to successfully harness serendipity on individual and institutional levels! Introduction: Serendipity has recently been recognized as key source of organizational vitality. Successful global players like Google and LinkedIn are introducing

Coworking Europe Conference in Paris

Ilkka Kakko (Serendipitor) will contribute to “Coworking Europe Conference” held 8.-10.11 in Paris.  He will share his experiencies in Panel discussion on Thursday 17:05 – 17:55 on the topic “Building the ecosystem for freelancers and  entrepreneurs”. Then on Friday (9th) he will conduct a miniworkshop on the topic “Harnessing serendipity in coworking communities”. Welcome to

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