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“Designing a platform for creative industries”

This is a JELLYWEEK 2013 session organized by CoMalski / Luovat ry – a new coworking community in Lahti Finland. The topic is “Designing a platform for creative industries” and the issue was discussed between local experts and online contributors Anni Roolf (Germany), Leila Pais de Miranda (Brazil) and Sebastian Olma (Netherlands). Coworking space design

Coworking Europe Conference in Paris

Ilkka Kakko (Serendipitor) will contribute to “Coworking Europe Conference” held 8.-10.11 in Paris.  He will share his experiencies in Panel discussion on Thursday 17:05 – 17:55 on the topic “Building the ecosystem for freelancers and  entrepreneurs”. Then on Friday (9th) he will conduct a miniworkshop on the topic “Harnessing serendipity in coworking communities”. Welcome to

Interview with Pier Paolo Mucelli, the pioneer of coworking business

Pier Paolo Mucelli is a London based entrepreneur, and the founder of eOffice, the alternative workspace.  He is really the pioneer in coworking, eOffice just had 10th anniversary! I met him few weeks ago in London and in this interview Pier Paolo is talking about coworking, innovation and serendipity. Ilkka: “How would you, as a

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