Coworking Europe Conference in Paris

Ilkka Kakko (Serendipitor) will contribute to “Coworking Europe Conference” held 8.-10.11 in Paris.  He will share his experiencies in Panel discussion on Thursday 17:05 – 17:55 on the topic “Building the ecosystem for freelancers and  entrepreneurs”. Then on Friday (9th) he will conduct a miniworkshop on the topic “Harnessing serendipity in coworking communities”. Welcome to

Muller&Becker, Live Webinar on 12th of June, @2:00 pm ET

In the The Future of Work: How to Unleash Your Inner Startup and Drive Continual Innovation, the latest web seminar in Rypple’s Leadership Series, Thor and Lane will share the secret formula behind the success of the world’s most successful organizations: “planned serendipity.”

Upcoming serendipity events

Here you are able to check where serendipity related events will be held. Please, if you know any, inform me either by using Twitter #respectserendipity, or give feedback here. Serendipitor/Ilkka Kakko is having a comprehensive one day training on 30th of August in collaboration with Sovelto, one of the leading training houses in Finland, the

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