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Interview with Pier Paolo Mucelli, the pioneer of coworking business

Pier Paolo Mucelli is a London based entrepreneur, and the founder of eOffice, the alternative workspace.  He is really the pioneer in coworking, eOffice just had 10th anniversary! I met him few weeks ago in London and in this interview Pier Paolo is talking about coworking, innovation and serendipity. Ilkka: “How would you, as a

How to avoid being “trapped” from serendipity during your journey

Recently I have followed a lot of  serendipity related discussions, for instance here,  and understand that a couple of issues should be highlighted – first the personal character of serendipity experience and secondly the characteristics of  the traps, which will prevent us to notice – not even to talk about taking action – when serendipitous

Guest blog Dr. Stephann Makri: “SerenA project and introduction to Stephann’s serendipity stories”

This guest blog will open a series of invited articles, which will cover serendipity related issues from various perspectives. I met with Stephann few weeks ago in London and I was really happy to discover that some serious academic research is conducted in the area of serendipity. I sincerely respect Stephann’s passion in serendipity and

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