The Churning – the inspiring manual to improve our vucability

Do you feel insecure, feeling like having no clear understanding about where the world is heading? Major political changes (Trump, Brexit…. and much more to come) together with rapid disruption of many traditional businesses (hotel, taxi service, publication etc) may cause you to feel uncertain and insecure. But let me encourage – or shock you,

The Jester of all Trades

I just finished reading ”The Neo-Generalist” a new book written by my friend Kenneth Mikkelsen and his co-author Richard Martin. I have to admit that it took me a while. It wasn’t that kind of a book, you feel like you have to finish as soon as you have started reading it. This one clearly

Antifragile lifestyle – the art of making the right mistakes

I have been inspired by re-reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book ” Antifragility – Things That Gain from Disorder”. Taleb is a well known philosopher, and to my understanding he is greatly respected among people who really are interested about our future and are living on the edge. And as all great thinkers throughout the history Taleb

How to elevate your platform thinking – the role of competence platforms and Devil’s Advocates in harnessing serendipity

Platform thinking is gaining momentum and for a good reason. It has disrupted many industries already and it will re-shape our business ecosystem thinking in an ever increasing speed. The consequences of this evolution process will be huge and therefore it’s fundamental for us as individuals and a society to adapt to these changes, the

A new arena for serendipity management is under construction

Karostech’s Founder and Partner Ilkka Kakko, Serendipitor, is involved in a new initiative, where new ways of harnessing serendipity will be tested. The Business and Culture Centre Malski in Lahti, Finland, will form an ecosystem where serendipity is respected. The overall community support system consist for instance a state-of the art competence platform and a

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