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Harnessing serendipity is about more than facilitating the unexpected

Please find here my guest blog in Workspace Insight publication.  It’s explaining the wider context in workspace design and management issues and introduces new ways to harness serendipity in institutional settings. This is more like an introduction to the topic, it will be followed by a three part series about areas mentioned in the article.

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Serendipity training starts in Finland

Karostech Ltd and Sovelto, one of the biggest private training companies in Finland, have today agreed that Sovelto will start to offer one day serendipity training to its customers. The key idea is to increase the understanding of serendipity when managing innovation management processes and to help participants create innovation ecosystems that really support harnessing

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New book finally published

I am happy to announce that my book is finally published. It will be down loadable here. I will have also some hard copies for those really interested in the content, please e.mail me: ilkka.kakko@karostech.fi in order to get one. Abstract, Ilkka Kakko:”Oasis Way and the Postnormal Era: How Understanding Serendipity Will Lead You to

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